Lead Generation Consulting

Two important methods to increase your lead/sales generation is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website conversion consulting. SEO is an excellent tactic to get more visitors to visit your website. If we are able to get your website a 1-3 postion for a popular search term, you will see your visitation from targetted prospects increase dramatically.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an increasingly popular marketing tactic and we recommend creating a social media action plan to purposefully guide your social media activity. A social media action plan aligns your use of social media platforms with your business goals and functional requirements. Your custom social media action plan includes: Social platform setup and branding including: Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Corporate Blog

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

With Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC, you get instant search engine visibility. Your products or services will be prominently displayed on the first page of the search results often above the organic results. PPC empowers your business to reach out to customers at the precise moment their interest is at a highpoint, that is, while they are actively searching for whatever it is you provide.

Search Engine Optimization

Media Mass Group offers different SEO packages depending on the size of your website and your geographical target market. If you are targetting locally our local SEO package will be perfect for your company. If you are targetting a larger target market then either our Bronze, Silver or Gold SEO package will satisfy your needs.

Banner Advertising Campaigns

There are many factors to consider when doing an online banner advertising campaign. CPM or Cost Per Thousand impressions, CPC or Cost Per Click. Conversion rates, click through rates, banner design and placement. As a business owner, banner advertising could turn out to be a nightmare experience if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Mobile Marketing

Given that more of your potential clients could be surfing the web from their Smart Phones instead of their desktop computers within the next 5 years, how long can you ignore mobile devices? Whatever your target demographic the chances are they are now using a mobile device on a regular basis. Does your marketing mix include mobile advertising or other marketing tactics?